Throughout the years Atul Karkhanis Architects has been published in a variety of sources, from community newsletters and papers, to Contractor publications and announcements, to national publications. Below are just a few examples Atul Karkhanis Architects are particularly proud of.

  • News Star paper highlighting the Northern neighborhoods of Chicago
  • Chicago Sun Times 
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Focus Magazine
  • I.C.A.R.A. Magazine
  • Chicago Architect Magazine
  • Reed Construction's "Reed All About It"
  • International Contractors, Inc.'s publication

AKA also issues their own recurring newsletter titled "The Architect".  "The Architect" outlines many of the issues facing the construction industry today.  A must read for Clients as well as Contractors to keep abreast of the latest trends and needs of the design team.  Previous versions of this publication may be accessed below.  A link has also been provided if you wish to receive regular updates conveniently via email.

Signup for future issues of the "The Architect" here!


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